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There is no replacement for having detailed local knowledge. Understanding the complexities of country specific legislation or knowing the most appropriate way to approach a project based on local regulatory and pharmacovigilance guidance, is a key strength and helps us maintain our high success rate.


Since July 2016 we are part of the PharmaLex group. Our relationship with PharmaLex enables us to provide a wider range of options in consulting, processing and support services, including;


  • faster international support for client products and excellent expertise locally supported by subject-specific experts.
  • an even greater collective pool of experience in drug development, regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance.
  • local support with a larger team of over 400 specialists working in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, USA, India, UAE, Brazil and China.
  • swift deployment of regional and highly qualified staff covering your short-term demand.
  • In addition to our PharmaLex colleagues, we have approximately 400 regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and licensing consultants located in over 70 countries worldwide, including emerging markets. All of our advisors speak the local language and not only help with local regulations in their country but also advise on current attitudes and manage local submissions activities. Their expertise covers human and veterinary medicines, medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, herbals, foods, cosmetics and toiletries. As a result we will give you the best advice and support across a wide range of global territories.



For a more detailed discussion on how we can help you, contact us:

Denmark +45 74 44 19 36 or email us via 

Norway +47 22 23 88 80  or email us via


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The company

Lindeq is a medical consultancy specialised in drug safety and pharmacovigilance, cosmetovigilance, quality management and medical device vigilance. 


Our drug safety and pharmacovigilance solutions can be applied to the important stages in the life cycle of a medicinal product; from development and clinical studies to application and post marketing.


Within cosmetovigilance and medical device vigilance our solutions range from reviewing the client's current procedures to establish and maintain a complete cosmetovigilance/medical device vigilance system, always compliant with the respective regulations.



Lindeq is dedicated to provide individual solutions to individual situations. The Lindeq senior team has more than 15 years of relevant experience in pharmacovigilance and we are always up to date with the latest regulations covering the respective field of our services we provide.


We have developed a reliable network of clinical experts, statisticians, IT experts and other relevant collaborators. Lindeq is ISO 9001-2008 certified which assures conformity with our management system requirements and guarantees high and consistent quality as well as affordable solutions.


Our clients

We have large client portfolios within all our service categories, ranging from small companies with a single product to large global companies with numerous products.






People in Lindeq come from different cultures and nationalities, which is an internal strength and enhance intercultural understanding and communication with our clients.


We undergo regular training and are always compliant with current regulations. All our operational team members have university degrees, with several having a PhD including long experience in the pharmaceutical industry and as clinicians.


Our core staff consists of:

- Medical doctors

- Pharmacovigilance experts

- Pharmacists

- Preclinical experts

- Immunologists/Toxicologists

- Nurses

- Statisticians

- Data entry personnel

- Health Economists

- Health Managers

- Quality specialists

- IT experts