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Lindeq covers a wide range of experience and knowledge from the pharmaceutical industry with a healthy amount of know-how. We merge the knowledge of physicians, pharmacists, toxicologists, immunologists, drug safety experts and other experts with our experience from the pharmaceutical industry, as clinicians, scientists and as drug safety experts.



Individual solutions

Every client has individual needs: Different products, tasks, policies, and company structures, just to name a few. In Lindeq we always tailor our services to meet your specific requirements and situations in order for you to benefit as much as possible from our high standards.

Our aim is that every single client is satisfied with our delivered tasks. Therefore, we ensure that all terms, e.g. methods, deadlines and formats, are delivered as agreed, even on short notice.

In order to maintain these high standards, each single person in Lindeq is highly trained, competent and qualified in his or her respective work.


Human performance is the most important factor of any solution. It is crucial to recognise and accept the limitations, abilities and other characteristics of humans, and act accordingly. We need to position the human in the centre and create our systems, work practices and solutions in a way that feels intuitive for people.

The Human Factor is applicable to many different areas, as for example within:

    -  technology 

    -  information and systems    

    -  management and working environment  

    -  human interaction


To put it simply: The Human Factor Approach involves working to make solutions function in ways which are natural to people.